D'Ann loves the health and fitness industry and has made a career as a professional personal trainer and group/yoga teacher.  She has an incredible joy for teaching, educating, and watching people transform their lives.  As a military wife and mother of 3, moving and traveling has been a part of her life. D'Ann desired a career that could help people everywhere they lived. She wanted to encourage individuals to live the best they could by promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.  As much as she enjoyed weight lifting, running, and biking; something was missing...YOGA. Yoga is the balance in her busy life. She began her practice in 2002 with a Hatha yoga instructor certification through NESTA, followed by ACE yoga flow workshop in 2007, and in 2015 a 200 hour RYT through Brown Dog Yoga. The training has enhanced her knowledge and was the best direction for D'Ann to reinforce her personal journey towards well-being. She noticed heightened body awareness, greater flexibility, and improved overall health. D'Ann enjoys many variations of yoga classes, but her favorite style of teaching is power vinyasa flow. Yoga has inspired her to live each day with a kind, caring , and compassionate heart---respecting others and herself. In return, D'Ann wants to share the amazing philosophies and benefits of yoga with people for years to come.

She is forever grateful for all the incredible yoga teachers that she has practiced with over the last 27 years. 

The Special Light in Me Honors the Special Light in You...Namaste