Carolyn only attended her first yoga class because she wanted to hang out with a friend, who just happened to be a yoga teacher.  Within those first sweaty 60 minutes on the mat, Carolyn thought she had found what she was looking for in a workout.  Little did she know, she'd found what she was looking for in a lifestyle.  Soon she was practicing vinyasa and power yoga nearly everyday.  After her first big "aha" moment in class, she knew she had to take her love and connection to yoga further.

After delving deeper into her practice through various workshops and personal study, Carolyn completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2015 at Brown Dog Yoga.  Carolyn offers approachable, dynamic vinyasa and power flow classes that focus on the mind body connection.  She hopes to inspire students to develop a balance between flexibility and strength, and to use the physical practice to calm and center the mind.